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Human Tissue Biospecimens (Precision for Medicine)

Pathologist-verified FFPE, fresh, frozen, or fixed tissue samples. Ready to ship or available through our global clinical network.


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  • Healthy and diseased
  • Matched blood, tissue, and other biospecimens
  • Consented and IRB approved for research
  • Collected from US based hospital networks and international partners

Deeply characterized

Our fresh, frozen, and fixed tissue is certified both clinically and molecularly to match your research endpoint.

  • Board certified pathologist scoring, review, and annotation available
  • Demographics
  • Medical history, disease characterization & outcome data
  • Patient re-access available
  • Special stains for IHC
  • High density tissue microarrays (TMA)
  • Tumor and tissue assessment in conjunction with quantitative multiplex
  • Immunofluorescence
  • Microdissection of samples for RNAseq or NanoString analysis
  • Analysis of samples in support of therapeutic, IVD, and companion diagnostic development


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Human Tissue Biospecimens (Precision for Medicine)

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