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ImmunoPrism® (Cofactor Genomics)

Outside ImmunoPrism, there is no complete solution on the market today that characterizes the tumor microenvironment and generates multidimensional biomarkers from RNA data generated in your own laboratory, at a trusted CRO, or in Cofactor’s clinical laboratory. Even for difficult-to-measure cell types, such as M1 and M2 macrophages, the ImmunoPrism assay shows high sensitivity and specificity comparable to flow cytometry. The assay takes a new approach to immune cell characterization – leveraging targeted RNA sequencing and a database of immune Health Expression Models. Requiring only minimal solid tumor tissue, including low-input FFPE samples, clinical cohorts (such as responders and non-responders to therapy) are used to generate a machine-learning optimized multidimensional biomarker, with full statistical analysis summarized in the ImmunoPrism Biomarker Report:

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  • Novel insights from less material: only two sections of FFPE required
  • More sensitive, more accurate, and more meaningful insights
  • Interrogate immune escape, immune infiltration, co-inhibitory and co-stimulatory response together from one sample
  • Save time and money for biomarker discovery with complete solution from FFPE extraction to biomarker characterization
  • Delivers machine-learning optimized multidimensional biomarker with ppv, npv, sensitivity, specificity, and ROC curve as standard deliverables in report
  • Available for research use only or in a CAP-accredited laboratory

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ImmunoPrism® (Cofactor Genomics)

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