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IntelliSite Pathology Solution (Philips)

The Philips IntelliSite Pathology Solution is a highly scalable product with proven technology that enhances productivity with high-resolution digital images, collaborative features, and case management tools. It is designed to support your clinical practice, improve patient care, and reduce costs across your healthcare system. Complete with an Ultra Fast Scanner, image management system viewer, image management system server and storage software, and a high quality display – pathologists are able to increase their productivity, improve their workflow, and not have to worry about their digital pathology system being as reliable as using a microscope.


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Cambridge, MA 02141

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  • High quality images provided by the Ultra Fast Scanner
  • Fully automated scanning
  • Enhanced viewing experience
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Multi-site harmonization
  • Cost effective deployment
  • 27” display with size options according to regulatory bodies configuration and label
  • Storage of up to 300 barcoded slides in the scanner
  • Automatic image alignment, tissue detection, and tissue presentation
  • Magnifier zoom navigation, ‘clickless’ panning image manipulation, and customized panels to maximize your viewing area
Philips IntelliSite Pathology Solution

IntelliSite Pathology Solution (Philips)

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