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IntelliSpace Precision Medicine Genomics (Philips)

IntelliSpace Precision Medicine Genomics offers a comprehensive Genome Informatics and clinical reporting solution to deliver actionable reports for a better path towards precision care. Our genomic analysis offers a controlled bioinformatics environment for processing pipelines, built to medical device QMS standards. It offers traceability, reproducibility, QC, storage, and a versatile pipeline builder for cancer genomic data. Our web portal brings patient genomic and clinical data together via an easily accessible and secure interface. In a recent exclusive partnership with MD Anderson, our solution includes their Precision Oncology Decision Support (PODS) tool to match actionable genomic variants to treatment options and clinical trials. Once complete with the analysis and molecular tumor board, our solution creates patient report to summarize findings and best treatment option.


222 Jacobs St.
Cambridge, MA 02141

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  • Automating pathologists’ workflow from loading sequence file output to customized report generation
  • Ability for oncologists to order through the EMR
  • Enables collaboration between molecular pathologists and variant scientists to curate actionable variants on the same platform
  • Includes access to MD Anderson’s PODS
  • Automated clinical data integration from the EMR and other clinical IT systems
  • Molecular tumor board
  • Clinical Trial Matching
  • Patient report generation

IntelliSpace Precision Medicine Genomics (Philips)

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