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Oncology Pathways powered by Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (Philips)

Created with Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, our Oncology Pathways deliver high-quality, detailed, evidence-based treatment protocols and can serve as an important tool in improving care quality and reducing costs. Based on the captured patient information, the clinical user is able to navigate through the branches of the pathways to make clinical decisions and provide a treatment plan recommendation including clinical trials. With evidence-based content that is reviewed by oncologists at Dana-Farber and customers, clinicians can feel comfortable that the therapy options they are choosing for their patients are up-to-date and expert-curated. In addition, this solution provides clinical trial matching through partnerships with leading oncology organizations, and advanced integration with clinical trial management systems.


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  • Expert-curated content
  • Interactive navigation and advanced visualization of a decision tree based on the patient profile
  • Enable clinical and operational enhancement through comprehensive usage and adherence analytics
  • Ability to adapt Oncology Pathways to your individual institution
  • Automatic generation of consent forms and reports
  • Fully integrated within the provider workflow – SSO, launch from EHR, extract data, write the order set back to EHR
  • Workflows are created by oncologists at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, reflecting the way oncologists think and navigate treatment decisions

Oncology Pathways powered by Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (Philips)

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