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OncoSpan family HD833 cfDNA, HD832 FFPE, HD827 gDNA (Horizon)

The world’s largest oncology reference standard with companion in silico data set.

Have confidence in your cancer assay. Optimize your validation or monitor assay performance with OncoSpan.

Take advantage of a renewable, reproducible, and highly characterized reference control material providing consistency from assay development to routine monitoring.

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REQUEST INFO: OncoSpan family HD833 cfDNA, HD832 FFPE, HD827 gDNA (Horizon)

  • Highly multiplexed reference control panel containing over 370 variants across 152 oncogenes, including >27 indels
  • Cell line derived control material is commutable to patient samples
  • Develop, troubleshoot and assess bioinformatics performance with a companion high coverage, batch specific in silico NGS data set
  • Available as cell-free DNA, FFPE curls, and genomic DNA
  • Range of allele frequencies enable rapid determination of sensitivities and LOD in your assay
  • Demonstrated repeatability and reproducibility with an R2 correlation coefficient in NGS ranging from 0.95 to 0.97 for all OncoSpan formats

OncoSpan applications

  • Enable novel cancer assay development
  • Conduct routine monitoring of assay performance and data analysis


Poster: A comparison of different formats of DNA reference standards commutable with solid and liquid biopsy samples for cancer genomic profiling

OncoSpan family HD833 cfDNA, HD832 FFPE, HD827 gDNA (Horizon)

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