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QCI Interpret (QIAGEN)

Rapid analysis. Confident interpretations. Large panel clinical decision support software for inherited diseases and cancer.


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  • Clinical informatics software – Clinical decision support software for analyzing and interpreting large NGS, exome, and genome panels for inherited diseases, carrier screening, and hereditary cancer.
  • >2 million patient samples analyzed – The QCI Interpret software has been used to analyze and interpret over 2 million patient samples worldwide. The experiential knowledge of the database is unrivaled.
  • Confident interpretations with ultra-precision – Access to the industry’s largest, expert-curated knowledge base updated weekly ensures highly accurate, up-to-date interpretations and actionability recommendations.
  • Sameday test turnaround – Rapid variant filtering and automated variant annotation and curation enable test turnaround in as fast as 24 hours.
  • Dynamic variant classifications – Receive dynamic variant classifications using current clinical evidence and all 28 criteria of ACMG/AMP guidelines for assessing of variants associated with Mendelian diseases.
  • Up-to-date professional guidelines – Stay current on the latest recommendations from NCCN, ACMG, AMP/ASCO/CAP, WHO, EMA/ESMO/ELN guidelines.
  • Geographical clinical trial matching – When relevant, automatically receive a list of open and recruiting clinical trials in your specified region that are relevant to each patient.
  • Inherited disease/hereditary cancer reports – Generate branded clinical reports with variant- and disease-specific information, including molecular function, incidence in disease, and diagnostic, prognostic, and therapeutic relevance.
  • Carrier screening reports – Generate branded clinical reports with findings overview, carrier status, reproductive risk, inheritance tree model, information about detected conditions, and next-step recommendations.
  • Expand your test menu – Unlimited scalability and services to augment your team help you increase throughput, expand your test menu, and grow your business.


QCI Interpret (QIAGEN)

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