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Single-Cell Metabolome (IsoPlexis)

The Single-Cell Metabolome solution measures functional energy states and adaptive resistance pathways. IsoPlexis’ multi-omics (metabolomics + functional proteomics) provides a critical and uniquely capable tool for addressing functional and metabolic changes that accompany adaptive resistance development. The patented & proprietary proteomically barcoded chip captures single cells in each microchamber, detecting metabolites and functional proteins to enable predictive intracellular discoveries. IsoPlexis’ multi-omic technology can reveal independent trajectories to drug tolerance, enabling researchers to better develop combination therapies to combat this drug-resistant cell state and prevent drug resistance.

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  • IsoPlexis’ unique proteomic barcode captures the full range of metabolites and phosphoproteins, enabling predictive intracellular discoveries.
  • The sensitive, proteomically barcoded chips detect multiplexed phosphoproteins and metabolites with over 12,000 microchambers capturing 500-1500 single cells.
  • For the first time, functional signaling pathways can be identified and connected to energy states, leading to critical insights in functional adaptations.
  • Conduct single-cell proteomic pathway analysis for integrated cell biology to identify the functional adaptations and protein pathways missed by genomics.
  • The integrated IsoSpeak data informatics software provides researchers with publication-ready data with a same-day turnaround.
  • Run up to 8 chips simultaneously on the IsoLight, or 4 on the IsoSpark, for scalable multi-omics.

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Single-Cell Metabolome (IsoPlexis)

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