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Twist Custom Panel (Twist Bioscience)

Gene definitions are being updated constantly, making panels based on older definitions outdated or incomplete. The flexibility and modularity of Twist Custom Panels can be used to add or enhance content, all while maintaining highly uniform enrichment. At Twist Bioscience, we combine precise oligonucleotide synthesis with a scalable silicon-based manufacturing platform to generate high-performing probe panels for NGS target enrichment. We also complement this powerful technology with proprietary design algorithms and a rapid iteration pipeline to enable the quick design, synthesis, and optimization of custom panels. Twist Custom Panels can be designed and built to cover a wide range of panel sizes, target regions, and multiplexing requirements — all with exceptional and consistent performance. Whether you design your own panel from scratch or add targets to enhance the content of existing panels, you can use your Twist Custom Panel with Twist’s modular library preparation kits or seamlessly integrate them into an existing workflow.

Twist Bioscience

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Exceptional, Consistent Performance

  • Effective design, accurate synthesis, and detailed quality control maximize both uniformity of capture and reproducibility
  • High-fidelity double-stranded DNA probes offer high-quality, consistent performance
  • NGS-based quality control of all probes ensures balanced probe representation and minimizes dropout

Rapid Customization and Optimization

  • Fast turnaround time to final panel
  • Simple addition or enhancement of content without sacrificing performance
  • Ensures adjustment of workflow biases for optimum performance

Intuitive, Proprietary Panel Design

  • Scalable design from 100 to >1M probes per pool
  • Reduces the iterations to final design
  • Enables balanced capture, even for challenging regions

Twist Custom Panel (Twist Bioscience)

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